GCD Chipart Tool Giveaway

I went to the GCD blog site this morning at 6:15 and seen that I won the 1st prize package of $150.00 of products from them. I am so excited. Like any good scrapbooker you never have enough product. I have created so many things using this tool, but have not taken photos. Have to remember to do that. Think I may play with it today, have a few ideas in mind using it, will take photos for sure. It was a great way to start this morning since my new puppy pulled a 3″ string out of my berber carpet; right in the middle of the living room floor.

Hard to get to upset with such a sweet little face looking up at you. Still trying to figure out a name for him.


7 thoughts on “GCD Chipart Tool Giveaway”

  1. Such a cute little face. Since he likes the Berber Carpet…maybe his name could be Berber. Okay, silly I know, but it's a suggestion. Congratulations on the win, looking forward to see what you make!~KristinaH


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